Sunday, December 27, 2009

Misc. Christmas gifts I made

This hat was made for Elise. I had to frog the first try since it was too big and re-make it. I also made her a scarf to match. I am making one for Cory to match his sweater (below),
I made this toy "Goomba" (a Super Mario character) for Grant. Goomba is a mushroom. Grant loves him!!
I made these "blue owl" mittens for Kelly for fun. They turned out a bit large--I don't really like crocheted mittens but I couldn't find a pattern for knitted ones with an owl on them. I also made her a slouchy beret to go with them (picture to follow).
I made this hat for my friend JoAnne. I taught her how to make cables. She loves the hat.

This jacket is for Cory. I had to do some fixing of the neck opening--it was too big. I just added a couple rounds of single crochet doing some deleting of stitches. It fits great now.

This is a wallaby for Nina (close-up of the label sewn inside). This was lots of fun to knit and will probably make more. Hers is a little too big for her, but that's better than too small).

Norah's quilt

I made thisw Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt for Norah. It was a work from the heart!

A friend did the quilting on her quilting machine. It is heard to see, but she quilted images of fruits and vegetables all over the back (with the caterpillar). I don't know what Norah thinks of it, but her parents like it!!
(That's Dudley, the "puppy" wanting to check out the quilt).

Pillows for Christmas

It all started when I made the Yankees pillow for Keith for our anniversary. I then made the blue Cardinals one for Clark and Jenny for Christmas and the red one for Kelly and Craig.

That led to making name pillows for each grandchild (8). Each pillow had a Cardinals patch on the front and one of the letters.

They were all backed with a solid fleece Cardinals logo piece and then stuffed. These were very time consuming to make. I am not very good at using the satin stitch on my machine, but they are finished, and delivered!