Sunday, October 04, 2009

How I spent this morning

I spent this morning (Oct. 4) participating in the Brooksie Way Half Marathon. I walked and jogged the 13.1 miles with my walking partner Rosanna. I'm not sure of my official time. MY OFFICIAL TIME WAS 3:13, 5 minutes faster than last year. I wanted to finish in 3 hours, but I don't think I did that. I do know it was faster than last year's time. I'll have to wait for the official results.
I am glad this race is over. Now I don't have to spent so much time training for the event. I can just walk for fun at the park when I feel like it. The hole in the fence is back, the bugs are gone so the trails beckon!!
It took me 3 days to recover. No more long races--I'll stick to 5 Ks (3 miles).
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