Friday, April 25, 2008

March Exchange package for Mary

My internet friend in DE is Mary. She is also a real friend that I have met and "played" with several times. I was lucky enough to have her for my partner for a March exchange. I had lots of fun making things for her. The theme was "totes", so I made her 2. I was almost finished with the first one (market bag) when I got a new magazine that an interesting one in it, so I made

that one also. The smaller one (second one made) was done with a strand of WW yarn and strips of a plastic tablecloth knitted together. It was fun to do. I added the "bluebird of happiness." Mary's daughter, Summer (terrific lady who I have also met several times) is having her first baby soon, so she grabbed the small bag--she has always grabbed bags I have made for Mary--maybe that is why I made 2 this time. She is having a boy, so the bluebird also went to her. I did make some things just for the baby. This is a fleece blanket I edged for him. I also made a hat to match the edging.
These are other items I included with the package for Mary.
I will also post pictures of the wonderful items I RECEIVED from Mary!!

Where did the last month go?

I am not sure where the last month went, but I have been very busy. I made lots of pillowcases and aprons for a craft show that turned out to be a bust. Here are some of the items I made.Lots of pillowcases.... (I made a total of 15 for the

craft show. And aprons---12 different ones.

The one thing that sold were thrown in as an afterthought--dishcloths!!