Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Christmas Projects

The holidays came and went so fast. I don't even remember much about the month of December! We went to Boise, Idaho over Christmas--left early Christmas morning (and the planes were full, some due to the blizzard in Denver and cancelled flights) and came home on Jan. 5--actually it was the 6th before we got home. My knitting needles and crochet hooks were very busy doing lots of projects. I made this hedgehog for Nina. He was so much fun to do. It was knitted and then felted. The fun fur did not felt. I included a book about a hedgehog in the snow for Nina.
I made this sweater and hat for Elise's Cabbage Patch doll, Samone. It is not easy finding patterns for the dolls. That hat fit fine. It even has "holes" in it for her pony tails to go through. The sweater turned out a little big, but at least the doll now is wearing clothes!