Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fathers Day

Father’s Day started out just great. We heard a wonderful message at church, came home and had grilled burgers for lunch then went about doing stuff. I was next door visiting when I was called home. Keith had been grooming Oscar and was trying to cut out a knot of hair under his ear. He accidentally cut off a large chunk of skin. Oscar didn’t even yelp—just a small cry. No blood, but a nasty looking wound. We took him to the “doggie” ER where we had to leave him for surgery (he didn’t want the local, so they had to knock him out). 4 hours later we picked him up. He has 9 stitches and a shaved 2” diameter circle! He has to take amoxicillin for a week. He was very groggy for the rest of the day. On Mon. he started to feel better. On Tuesday he was much better. On Wed. he had pulled out 2 of his stitches, so it was a trip to our vet who stitched him right up again (no meds) and put an e-collar on him. He sure does look silly with it on.

I was assured that he would adjust in 2 days, but that I may never adjust—the vet was right!! So now Oscar goes crashing into things all the time—he still wants to be first. Here is another picture of his new attire. Chester doesn’t know what is going on!!

He has to wear this until the stitches come out, which will be after we get back from St. Louis (July 4). He even tries to scratch his wound. So I rub it for him (healing stuff always itches). He can still catch the frisbee with his collar on. Eating is an "event"--I have to hold the dish to his mouth under the collar and then lower it to the floor so he can eat.
Here’s Chester.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Baby Norah

This is baby Norah Evans Woodman, our 7th grandchild, who was born on May 23, 2006. I got to spend a week with her when I helped Momma and Poppa with 2 yr. old big sister Nina. I had help from biggest sister, Haley, who is 14. They live in St. Louis County. We will go back again over the July 4th weekend. Grandpa will get to go and meet Norah then.

I am in my pjs here, but Norah sure is a cutie!

I made this hat for Norah. Now Nina wants one also. There are pink and yellow stripes at the top, but the yellow doesn't show up very well. I see lots of knitting and crocheting (and sewing) in my future!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Felting Disaster

I was in a "picnic basket" exchange in May (Christmas Crochet group of wonderful friends)where I had to send knitted/crocheted items to Nell and she would do the same for me. I chose to make her a crocheted purse which I would felt. I bought 100% hand-dyed wool yarn in a colorway called "watermelon." This is the purse I crocheted. It was quite large when finished, but that was ok because it was going to be felted. I put it in the washer, used HOT water and waited. Imagine my surprise (to put it mildly) when , after 4 tries, it was still the same large size. I sent off an email to the company in Canada and got a quick response. I was told the yarn does not felt and that info was on a piece of paper that was included (supposedly--I never saw it) with the yarn. So now it was panic time. My package had to be mailed within several days and I didn't have the purse done. I had everything else ready. So I made a quick trip and to get some Simply Soft yarn in colors that were almost watermelony (except for the green) and made a smaller version of the purse. I found some terrific fabric that looks like watermelon rind and used it as the lining. I found the button at a quilt shop. The lining doesn't show in the picture, but it is cute.
This is a picture of the other things I included with the exchange package. Nell took it after she got it (she is better at picture taking than I am). I crocheted and knitted some "condiments" for her--catsup, mayo, mustard, and salt and pepper! They are really dishcloths.

This is what she sent to me . It was a wonderful exchange. I decorate my house in red, white and blue for the summer, so what she sent is perfect!! The red, white and blue saltshakers are lighthouses!!

Secret Pal update

I bought yarn for my secret pal when I was in St. Louis. I mailed it from there. She should get it any day now. My favorite yarn shop is in St. Louis and I've been going there for years. I first found it when I went with Roberta. There is a quilt/fabric shop downstairs and yarn upstairs. They even have a knitting machine dept. in the red barn where there is also a restaurant. The place has changed names several times, so I'm not even sure what it is called now. At one time it was The Hen House and Heritage House. It is just offf I-270 at Graham Rd.
I also heard from the person who has me for a secret pal. She had sent several emails but I thought they were spam because of the name she used. We finally connected. Here's the crazy part--she lives in St. Louis County in Ballwin, right next to where we lived before moving to Michigan! Can't wait to find out her name (have to wait until August).
I will be going to visit my Mom next month and found a yarn shop in Lima right near my brother's house. I will have to investigate it and buy the next skein of yarn from there. If that doesn't work, I know there is a great shop in Chadd's Ford on Route 202.