Friday, March 24, 2006

Sewing for Grandkids

I did some sewing this week. Since I will be going to see the grandkids, I can't go empty handed!! I made the pillowcase for Elise. I love the colors in the fabric--perfect for a 4 year old! I made the fabric book for Grant. He LOVES to be read to. I will probably be doing a lot of reading to him next week. He also loves to eat, so the title of the book is perfect for him. I will take lots of pictures so I can post some when we get back.

Another felted purse

I made this purse for Summer. We saw it in a shop in Pennsylvania and she loved it. Her Mom, Mary, doesn't knit so I volunteered to make it for her. She bought the yarn--aren't the colors great. Well, it's hard to see the true colors from this picture, but they are an apple green, purple, rosey-red, yellow and dark green. The shape is very unusual. The pattern is from Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine (no longer being published), Fall, 2002. The directions leave a lot to be desired. I don't think anyone new to knitting would be able to follow them. But it was fun to do. I would make the handles longer if I were to do another one.

More snow

I am sitting here watching MORE snow fall from the sky. I "think" it will just be a snow shower, but I am ready for spring! We leave for New York City in a few hours. I will be walking/running the MORE half-marathon with Kelly on Sunday morning. The forecast is for rain/snow showers (can't escape it). It should be fun--I've never been all the wall through Central Park. I need to do one more training walk today, so I guess it will have to be on the treadmill with the weather what it is outside. I'll report on how the race went when we get back home. We're off to Boise for a week after NY>

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Felted purse for me

I crocheted a purse and then felted it. I made it just for me from yarn I bought while in Pennsylvania. It is a great yarn shop very close to the Delaware border. The shop has expanded since I was there last and it is even more wonderful than before. The light stripes are a pale yellow and the one dark one is purple (almost an Easter egg purse!).
I am now working on a knitted purse that will be felted. It is for a friend who was with me at the yarn shop. She loved the purse on display, but doesn't knit so I said I would do it for her. She bought beautiful yarn (from a different shop in Rehobath, DE).

Friday, March 03, 2006

felted purse

I decided to try making a small purse and felting it and adding beads to it. I found a crochet pattern I liked and used some 100% wood to make it. I took some before and after pictures, but somehow they got erased from my camera. I really enjoyed making this. I don't think I left it in the washer long enough--I did it through 2 wash cycles, but it still seems to show the stitches a bit. But the fabric is dense and things won't fall through. I have never tried a beaded project like this, so it was a learning experience as I tried to find the beads called for in the instructions. I discovered (thanks to a friend) a bead shop 5 miles from home and had a great time there. I am definitely going to take some classes there. I used my sewing machine to attach the zipper and sew the purse together. This was sent to my internet friend Marge as part of an exchange package.