Monday, September 13, 2010

Where did the summer go?

This summer sure did fly by. It was VERY hot here in MI.  We used our air conditioner more than any other summer since we moved here in 1995! I took some short trips. I went to Ludington for a few days for some "ladies time" with Jan.  We shopped, ate, walked, sat on the beach and watched some girl flix--great time!!  I also spent a week in PA going to a show (Wizard of Oz) at a local dinner theater. My brother was the Wizard--great show!  Plus, I got to spend the evening with my cousins and their wives. I also spent time with friends from high school, college, the internet and family.  It was a very enjoyable trip --especially the hoagie!!
From my hooks and needles:  Haley went off to college in Aug. (SEMO).  I made her a set of washcloths for each day of the week.  I attempted to add "study" on the band on 6 of them and "party" on the 7th, but I couldn't get the duplicate stitch to look right. So I told her the pink one was for partying and she could only use it one day a week! (yeah--right!!)

I aso made her an afghan for her dorm bed in her school colors, which aslo happen to be her high school colors!

One last "off to college item--a new pillowcase.  The very first pillowcase I made was for Haley many years ago.  Now all the grandkids have several and I am selling them.  I still love making them.  Her room is decorated in her favorite colors--pink and black.  Have fun Haley and don't forget to study!!