Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sewing frenzy

I feel like I was glued to my sewing machine for awhile!  I made aprons for Elise's birthday party, then more aprons to sell at the Expo. These are all child size aprons.  I didn't get pictures of all of the adult ones I made--will do that!

 I also made some pillowcases to sell.  Have to get some pictures of them also.  I did sell several, so no pictures of them.

Then there were pillowcase dresses for Haiti, to sell and for birthday gifts! The dresses were in lots of different sizes.  I like the smaller ones the best.

This is not technically a pillowcase dress, but I did make it for Nina's 6th birthday.  I need to fix the straps--they are too long.

From my hooks and needles

I have been very busy making stuff for birthdays and a craft show I was in last weekend.  I made this prayer bear for church for a child that needed a special hug.
I made a total of 6 or these penguins for a kindergarten teacher to use when doing her penguin unit.  This got me "hooked" on making amigurmis which I now love doing!
So i joing an ami exchange on one of my many Yahoo groups and sent my partner this blue owl!!  The first owl I made turned out huge and ugly so I found another pattern.  The recipient's young child won't put it down!!

This is another prayer bear, but for a boy.
My dear friend got a new puppy and her name is Gabby. She is a rat terrier and I made her this doggy blanket to fit in her crate!! Wish I could do this for my "puppy" but he would chew it up!

Pig and Her Pancake

I made this for Norah to go with the book IF YOU GIVE A PIG A PANCAKE. She has the book. It is part of her birthday gift. She will be 4 on Sunday, the day Haley graduates ffrom high school (doesn't seem possible). We are going to St. Louis for the events. Here is the back of the pig--I love her tail!!

I also made her a pillowcase dress. I have been making lots of these to send to Haiti (even sold some at a craft Expo last week!). This is a close up of the fabric for a princess!!