Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Storms and more storms

We have had some very wild weather this spring/summer--lots of violent thunderstorms (which is very normal for St. Louis, but NOT for Michigan!!). We have had long power outages (thank goodmess for our generator) and then my computer went blank!! It took almost 3 weeks to get it fixed and returned from Chicago with a new motherboard! So I am now up and running again (I had to share our desktop computer with DH who works from home with it, so my time was very short). I did get some projects finished! I made this baby blanket for a new baby girl at church. It is a pattern that I purchased from an ebay store. It is the second pattern of hers that I have made. I seem to have trouble with the directions, so I just did what I thought it should have said!! I like the results.

I did some dishcloths also. The blue cat turned out a bit large for my tastesl
I also took a class for knitting a scarf with beads strung on the yarn. I have it half finished and really like it. The hardest part is string all of the beads on to the yarn!!
The Seraphina shawl I started has been frogged. I was going along very nicely, but the put it down and when I got back to it I couldn't figure out where I left off. I got frustrated and frogged the whole thing. I have since started a different pattern that is going much faster and I do like it.
I will post pictures when I finish it. I am using cotton which is nice for the hot humid weather we have had lately.