Wednesday, April 19, 2006


We are off (again!) to Boston for a long weekend. Our niece/godchild, Christine is getting married on April 22. It is always fun to connect with family again. It is hard to stay in touch when there is such a distance between families. Clark can't go -- he' s working on a major movie production. Kelly can't go with 4 little kids at home and being clear across the country from Boston. We will be staying with friends who moved from Clarkston to the Boston area last December. I am staying an extra 2 days so Jane and I can "play" (go shopping!).

Monday, April 17, 2006

Boise, Idaho grandkids

The end of March we went to visit our grandkids (and their parents) in Boise. There are 4 of them aged 6 and under! It was a wonderful week with lots going on. Keith helped rebuild a swing/gym set for the kids to use in the backyard. Grant can even climb to the top of the "monkey stars"!! (he's 2). Elise took her first ski lessons. Sebastian had an "advanced" ski lesson so he could learn to turn without snow plowing. They have had lots of rain (Boise) and snow (Bogus Basin ski area) this year and the slopes remained open until April 15. Just a short distance away in McCall the slopes will be open until Mother's Day! I took one of Kelly's spinning classes at the Y and actually enjoyed it!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Outfit from the past

I knit this baby outfit back in 1964 for my friend's first baby. Back then you didn't know the baby's sex until birth, so I used neutral colors. When Rick was born, I used blue ribbons for the ties. Last fall my friend's mother went home to be with the Lord and when Lois cleaned out her Mom's stuff she found this outfit that Rick had worn. She sent it to me (what a great friend) for our grandchild that is coming in May! Since we know SHE is a girl, I changed the ribbons and sent them on to the waiting parents. I don't know if Norah will ever wear the outfit, but it is great to be able to pass things on. (Rick never had children. He got married for the first time a few years ago).
Thanks Lois!!