Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pumpkin hat

This is Elise wearing her pumpkin hat that I made for her. She wears it every day.

I am working on a Christmas stocking for Grant, knitted. I will post pictures as I make progress.

Sebastian's 6th birthday is Friday and his party is Sat. He also has soccer practice/game on Sat. so it will be a busy day.

I am also still training for my walking marathon which is in 4 weeks. They have some wonderful places to walk here in Boise, but it is much warmer than Michigan.


I have been in Boise for a week now. The grandkids are great. They do wear out this grandma though! Here are some pictures of the kids and things I have made for them. This is Cory's announcement we created . We had help from Craig's friend Todd who was visiting from L.A. (thanks!) The other picture shows Cory in his candy corn hat. Isn't he cute?
The top picture shows Cory in his bear hat that was made for him by my internet friend Sandy "Froglegs"! He loves his hat--thanks Sandy.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Purse for Haley

I made this purse for Haley as she goes into 8th grade. The pattern is from a kit from Maggie's Crochet.

Introducing Cory

Here is our newest grandson, Cory Andrew Driver, born August 7, 2005. I will get to hold him for the first time in two day!!

Hats for grandkids

I am leaving for Boise, Idaho in 2 days. I made these hats for the grandkids. When I get there I will take a picture of them wearing them.

Pumpkin hats for preemies

More hats for the Preemie Project

Preemie Project

These are items made for the Preemie Project.

Halloween hats

I've been on a "pumpkin hats" kick lately. I made these for lil' trooper babies at Ft. Knox.