Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Chemo cap

I have known my friend Marcia for almost 40 years. We were neighbors in Ridgefield, Connecticut. She now lives in Mesa, AZ and I am in SE Michigan. We have visited numerous times over the years. I was caught by surprise when she told me she has breast cancer. Then the chemo treatments caused all of her hair to fall out. I made this chemo cap for her to wear. I wanted it to be bright and cheery and also soft. It is crocheted using a P hook and Fancy Fur yarn.

Chemo cap made for Marcia March, 2005

This is my blog!

Today I'm starting my blog. I have been fascinated by other blogs and decided to plunge right in with my own. It may seem haphazard at times, but that is my life! Today I will continue my walking marathon training by "strolling" for twenty minutes. I will take our two golden retrievers (Chester and Oscar) for a walk through the subdivision. Michigan weather is finally warming up and the sun is shining today (this is not always the case in SE Michigan) so it should be a good walk. I am also going to try to get a lot done on the baby afghan I am crocheting. Then we have church tonight, so I will be busy today!